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Gail's Doodles

  Templeton, CA, USA


🐶: Bernedoodle Goldendoodle


Gail's Doodles is a breeder of Bernedoodle, and Goldendoodle. They are located in California.


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4.0 Stars

We decided to get a puppy in the middle of COVID (We got her in August) and we decided on it in the beginning of May. We were looking through several breeders, but almost all if them didn’t have litters at the time, or even had a two year waiting list! Gail’s site popped up, and when we checked it out, the site was very professional and well put together. We decided to contact them, and they told us that there were several upcoming litters, including three litters in early June! (1 was bernedoodles, one was golden doodles, and the last was a litter of labradoodles!) They told us that they used to do a waiting list, but decided to stop it when COVID happened and converted to a first come first serve. After we got in, everything was easy and went very smoothly. We emailed each other from day one. We had to have a pre made email to reserve our spot for a puppy because they were gone in seconds! They also have an insta page, but you shouldn’t contact them that way.

Pros: The process was easy and they are nice people! They are family run and very sweet people, and they do a great job raising their puppies and taking care of them before they go to their furever home .

Cons: They don’t tend to respond to your emails after you left with the puppy.

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